CoCo. Collaborative Curatorial Projects

Crecemos por momentos. CoCo 2017-2018. Photo: Sofía de Juan
Crecemos por momentos. CoCo 2017-2018. Foto: Sofía de Juan
10.2018 -09.2019

CoCo consists of the creation of collaborative curatorial projects. It’s a programme aimed at collectives (schools and groups and associations, with a particular focus on sectors at risk of social exclusion) which not only visit, participate in and engage in critical dialogue with existing content, but are also interested in creating content as co-curators:
developing and sharing their discourse, using exhibition (in its broadest sense) as a medium for investigation, creation and dissemination.

The themes stem from the concerns, questions and motives of the specific context and interests of the co-curators
and their community. CentroCentro and Plataforma Indómita are founded on a methodology based on critical pedagogy and artistic processes, and they place cultural management in the hands of these participants during conceptualisation, structuring, materialisation and communication with future audiences.

During 2019 we will work with primary school students from CEIP San Miguel (UVA neighbourhood, district of Hortaleza). We are also launching a cooperative project with a group of adults. In both initiatives, CoCo has two main areas of activity: direct work in and on the context in which it operates (neighbourhood, family, classroom, etc.),
and work focused on broadening the cocurators’ critical outlook to develop their ability to exert an influence beyond of their usual environment (CentroCentro and the surrounding area, networks, etc.).

CoCo for Children:
10.2018 - 05.2019: Work sessions
09.05 - 29.09.2019: Exhibition
CoCo for Adults:
01.2019 - 06.2019: Work sessions
20.06 - 29.09.2019: Exhibition

A project by:
CentroCentro and Plataforma Indómita


22.03 - 30.09.2018
10.05 -08.09.2019
28.06 - 29.09.2019