CentroCentro is a space of intercultural encounter, a public arena for citizens, and a venue for participation, action, leisure and learning. Through design and illustration, architecture and urbanism, poetry and literature, fashion and the arts, CentroCentro aims to nurture and develop initiatives, reflections that address elements of change in customs, urban uses, flows and social relations, in a multidisciplinary and transversal way.

CentroCentro is a metropolitan cultural centre in which a range of specialised offerings dedicated to the city and the arts coexist with popular initiatives linked to the natural and festive cycles of the year.

CentroCentro makes MADRID its focus and its primary subject of study. The calling card of the city today, it is an unparalleled observatory of its urban life and its cultural heartbeat.

    Encuentro con Linarejos Moreno y Amparo Lasén
    VANG. Músicas en vanguardia
    18.03 -04.06.2020
    Cosmos 21
    Reading workshops around the project A través de la arena
    03.03.2020 / 24.03.2020 / 14.04.2020 / 28.04.2020
    A Golden Age: Pulse, Throb, Drift