CentroCentro is open to receiving projects and initiatives directly related to its mission and goals. We are happy to receive such proposals from artists, curators, researchers, promoters or individual specialists or from specialised or multidisciplinary groups. By projects we understand not only projects that involve an exhibition, but also public activities and concerts. Please use this online form to forward your proposals to us.  We will reply to those initiatives that are in consonance with the programming of the centre in order to ascertain their characteristics and viability.

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It will have a maximum length of 12 pages per side in DIN A-4, pdf or word format. Its weight may not exceed 3 MB.

The level of detail of this point is conditioned by its own nature:

  • Exhibition project. Key concepts. Themes developed. Artists. Exhibition formats (quantification of audiovisual exhibition formats and media, computer media, photographic formats, etc.) Characteristics of the works (originals, copies, works in progress). Actual project availability (times and production). Indicative budget, with a breakdown of the most important items (fees, production, insurance, dissemination).

  • Conferences/Seminars. Contents: general script of the activity and distribution according to schedule. Preview of speakers and participants. Technical needs (audiovisual, computer and telematic media). Indicative budget, with a breakdown of the most important items. Potential project partners as sponsors.

  • Concerts. Key concepts: theme, programme, composers, interpreters. Proposed schedule. Technical requirements. Indicative budget, with a breakdown of the most important items (fees, caches, % box office). Potential project partners as sponsorship.

One file only.
64 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf doc docx odt zip rar.